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This is a flip phone

This is a flip phone so the screen is a reasonable size but the phone itself is small (though not slim). There’s also a front display to show the time and show who is calling. It has hearing aid compatibility and a dedicated assistance button: when pressed for three seconds it sends a message to everyone on a pre determined list of contacts and calls the first number, automatically on speakerphone..

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There are more warning signs for Democrats in this poll. Overall, 36 percent of registered voters who identify as Democrats or Democratic leaning independents say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting next year, down from 44 percent who said so in September. That puts Democratic enthusiasm on par with that of Republicans, which stands at 37 percent..

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From there, they can qualify for the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria. Athletes also experience joy and acceptance, cultivate friendships and self confidence and feel empowered to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. More than 150 Kamloops residents compete in sports organized for the intellectually challenged.

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