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Massage Room


30 minutes = $40 + tax
60 minutes =$70 + tax
90 minutes = $100 + tax

These prices are for relaxation or deep tissue therapeutic massage.
This is your time…your massage!

Massages can be requested as a lighter touch (relaxation) massage, a deep therapeutic massage or a combination of both. The session can be a “full-body” massage or tailored to your specific areas of tension or pain. An entire session can be spent on a specific area of request (example: back and neck only, legs and feet only, etc.). The massage session will be built to make it most enjoyable and beneficial to you and your body’s needs.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes = $85 + tax
90 minutes = $115+ tax

Stone massage enhances the standard massage technique. The heated basalt stones when placed on or used to stroke the body warms the muscles helping the therapist to work deeper into the tissues, and therefore, increases the release of toxins, reducing muscle stiffness, tension and inflammation.

Neuromuscular Therapy Treatment

60 minutes = $70 + tax
90 minutes = $100 + tax

Trigger points are points of discomfort that often refer pain to other areas. An NMT treatment consists of searching for and releasing trigger points in problem areas along with myofascial release, massage and stretching to restore circulation to the area, release the muscle tension and alleviate pain. A series of treatments may be necessary.

Aromatherapy Body Wrap

60 minutes = $85 + tax

This is an application of massage lotion combined with a recipe of essential oils. After applied, you are “cocooned” in a thermal wrap of blankets to just lie and rest; ingesting the scents of the oils and allowing them to work hydrating your skin and releasing toxins from skin and muscles, as well as refreshing the soul. The oils do the work on this one, and you are left feeling very fresh and rejuvenated.

Pregnancy Massage

30 minutes = $40 + tax
60 minutes = $70 + tax
90 minutes = $100 + tax

Massage Table
Massage during pregnancy gives the mother-to-be the special attention that she needs during this very special time. Pregnancy massage differs from regular massage in terms of positioning, but is no less as enjoyable and beneficial. You will be in a semi-reclined position which is both comfortable for you and safe for the baby. You will be turned from side to side with the support of pillows to work the back and hips. Your comfort, safety of the baby, and privacy are of utmost importance during a pregnancy massage. Clients seeking pregnancy massage must be past their first trimester. If you are experiencing any complications, risks or abnormal conditions during your pregnancy, a doctor’s approval for massage may be requested.

Chair Massage

10 minutes = $15
15 minutes = $20
20 minutes = $25

Hourly event pricing available, call to inquire for your next event!

Chair massage is a 10 to 20 minute fully clothed, seated massage where the neck, shoulders, and back are primarily worked. Depending upon the length of the chair massage, arms, hands, head and other areas may be incorporated into the session as well. For quick rejuvenation, chair massage is an excellent remedy!

Chair massage is also an excellent addition to have at a bridal or baby shower, Mary Kay party or other fun event! There is a 1 hour minimum for chair massage at parties or special events. An additional travel charge will also apply for chair massage at parties or special events.

Corporate Chair Massage

On-site Corporate Chair Massage is both convenient and very beneficial. I come to your desired facility on a mutually agreed upon day and time and provide 10 to 20 minute chair massages to interested employees. The employees will have signed up in advance via a sign up sheet that I provide to you. They would be responsible for paying for their own session at the time of the session.

If the company prefers to pay for the sessions as a perk to its employees, a flat hourly rate that the company will pay can be determined. The benefits are numerous, but reduced muscle tension, stress reduction, increased alertness and energy name just a few, all of which can result in enhanced work productivity. Many companies have started incorporating on-site chair massage sessions regularly for their employees and see very positive results.

Call Cheri at 740.272.0602 for more details regarding how you can start receiving chair massage at your workplace!

Waiting RoomCouples Massage

60 minutes = $150 + tax
90 minutes = $210 + tax

I offer a creative, unique approach to the typical “couples massage” that typically involves therapists working simultaneously. I preform the massage solo alternating back and forth, ensuring that both parties are receiving equal massage time.

The person not being massaged will be placed with hot stones to relax and enjoy the warmth of the stones as I massage the other, and vise versa. This is a very enjoyable experience and is highly recommended for anniversaries or any special occasion where you want to share some relaxing time together.

Pre and Post Event Sports Massage

10 minutes = $15
15 minutes = $20
20 minutes = $25

Pre-event sports massage is a fast-paced massage working muscles prior to a sporting event to “warm-up” the athlete and prepare the muscles for intense activity. The muscles worked are muscles specific to the sporting event.

Post-event sports massage is slower-paced than pre-event. It’s purpose is to “warm-down” the athlete from the intense activity he or she just completed. Post-event sports massage can help prevent muscle soreness, cramps or spasms, and help to promote rapid removal of waste and toxins that have built up in the muscles from the recent exertion.

The standard length of time for a pre or post event sports massage is 15-minutes, however the session can be shorter (10 minutes) or longer (20 minutes).